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I was approached by my client to be involved in the design and layout of her new home because she was keen to create a practical home that would incorporate some pieces of furniture, art and other items she had picked up along the way.

Knocking walls to create open plan living, extending the kitchen to the side of the house and replacing windows with French doors transforms this house into a fresh, open home.

Before the renovation

The original room layout will always be evident by the beams in the ceiling.

The table and chairs were a wedding present to my client's parents in the 50's.

It's wonderful that after recovering the chairs they are enjoying a new lease of life.

Reupholstering the mid century sofa and chairs also from my client's parents was too good an opportunity to miss. The neutral colours will ensure they will fit into any scheme.

No overhead units in the bright kitchen allow it to become more a part of the open plan living and allow the dynamic angles and height be a feature.

As the hallway and stairs are now part of the living space, having shelving inserts make them more a piece of furniture.

The downstairs WC is a great place to use the tiles that my client loves.

All her favourite colours!

Having a rich colour behind the bed adds luxury to this room and provides a great base colour for the coppers and rich tones of the artwork.

The blush pink fireplace and silver velvet carpet make this a lovely sanctuary.

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