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Maynooth Home

The image of this kitchen/ living room (scroll down) prior to the renovation illustrates the need for this family to add space and storage to ensure a home that is relaxing and enjoyable to be in.

Removing the doors into the sitting room gave more possibilities to the layout and adding skylights to the new extension improved the light in the room.

Building into the kitchen from the hallway accommodates a pantry and utility room.

Gr lounge~2_edited.jpg
Gr over_edited.jpg
GR Pantry~2_edited.jpg

The whole family are now able to sit at the island comfortably.

GR kitchen~2_edited.jpg
gr sink~2_edited.jpg

Designing a feature cabinet wall continues the simplicity and flow of the room.

gr sitting~3_edited_edited_edited.jpg

The existing kitchen had a lot of functions to fulfill and so was cluttered

gr bef.jpg
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