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A Garden Room

There's something to be said for giving over a room to just relax....switch TV, no wifi, just you and your lovely surroundings.

If you are lucky enough to be able to dedicate a whole room to this, consider lighting colour and textures.

If you can just afford a nook in a room it's still so worthwhile to dedicate it to yourself.

It's good for you to give yourself the space.


A dark colour on the wall can add drama to a space, particularly when it has high ceilings. 

It can be easily offset with light artwork, curtains and lighting.

The beautiful, soft, linen curtains add to the ethereal atmosphere and the rug is a very affordable nod to the Victorian tiles found in orangeries.


As much as possible I encourage clients to have plants.

There is a weenchy bit of maintenance, but they are so good for you, the air quality etc.

They add so much more to a room.

I love lighting and plants together, it sometimes acts like an art installation.

I do recommend getting advice on plants as they can be pricey and certain plants mightn't necessarily thrive in your house.

Having an old table refurbished adds so much more character to the room than a brand new one.

As far as possible I will always try to incorporate what you already have into a scheme.

It's what makes it personal and loved

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