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Blessington House Renovation

When I was asked to design the interiors for this house, the first consideration I had was how to connect it to the incredible views.

The interiors had to be practical and comfortable for a very young and growing family and everything I chose was going to be natural and understated.

I wanted my clients to feel a part of that landscape.


The dining area with the bespoke table and pendants that won't obstruct the views.

Cabinetry was designed to store all the extras that young children accumulate, we dropped the height to bench height so that it can be used as extra seating and for relaxing into those views.

dining 4.jpg

The kitchen is in a lovely wood finish with a substantial worktop that continues on the backsplash, this worktop grounds the kitchen into the open plan space and also connects with the darker colour of the adjoining snug. The darker plinth creates a contrast between the cabinetry and flooring. 

kitchen for website.jpg
kitchen close.jpg

Although there is a "rule" that you don't hang landscapes in a landscape, my clients love this piece of art and it felt right to use it here. Rules are made to be broken and in this case I think we were right! 

The rug that my clients parents had works perfectly in the scheme. 

As always, plants play a huge part in our designs.

P and H living.jpg

In total contrast to the light and airy open plan areas of the house, we created a snug.

The colour was carefully chose for the evening sunsets this room gets.

This is a retreat to escape from the madness, light a fire and watch a movie.

P and H sitting room.jpg

The bedroom is calm and inviting with nothing to take away from the views that my clients wake up to.

Plush carpets and textiles immediately enhance relaxation.

P and H bedroom.jpg
bed 2.jpg

The en suite is simple and clean with timeless terazzo tiling.

P and H bed en suite.jpg

I designed this light fixture for my clients in their previous home and am delighted to see it reinstated for the newest arrival.

Again, light, airy textures and materials make this a little nursery that any child will love.

nursery 2.jpg
nursery 1.jpg

The guest WC is kept simple with the most beautiful tiling

wc (2).jpg

My clients needed a space to drop everything when they arrive home with children and shopping, I designed a cubby boot room to become a lovely space with feature lighting

Sometimes to get an idea across to the client a concept design can be drawn up.

This illustrates how the design was taken to finish.

P & H Hall and cubby.jpg
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