Interior design is my passion.  I've always loved how it can transform your outlook and feeling of well being.

I worked in visual merchandising for 15 years and know how colour, light and space work together, three key elements in interior design.

I found myself advising so many people with their homes that I decided to study Interior design and architecture and earned my degree.

My passion continues to grow with each project.

It's a joy to transform homes making them work better for my clients, creating a healthier, more beautiful home for them while adding value and finesse.

I am an associate member of the Interiors Association, a support network of professionals working within the Interior Architecture and Interior Design community.


My style

I don't follow trends but aim to create a feeling that will best respond to my client.

I do love natural finishes and quality hand-crafts and encourage supporting local craftspeople,

Making the most of what you already have by updating it is what makes a space unique and personal.

Ultimately though, the client has the final word!

Nothing you don't love will stay.



The feedback from clients is that I get them.  I listen to their brief and work within their budget.

I don't push a client into doing it my way but would try to gently persuade them when I know they'll be glad!

A project evolves, it can be surprising how the finished project compares to the moodboard.

There can be differences, but what always remains is that "feeling" I mentioned earlier.