I have always loved interior design, from decorating the tent  on a family holiday as a child to restyling every place I've lived over the years.

I have that passion for it because I can see how it can really transform your outlook and feeling of well being.

After working in visual merchandising for 15 years, I learned how colour, light and space work together, three key elements in interior design.

I also noticed how fashion influences interior décor. If you look at this years colours and styles on the catwalk you will most likely see them next year in top interior magazines, whether it's boho chic or 70s retro.


I found myself advising so many people with redesigning their home that eventually I couldn't resist going for a degree in Interior design and architecture. I learned a new set of skills and was ready to go!

I am an accredited member of the Interiors Association, a support network of professionals working within the Interior Architecture and Interior Design community.

My style


My Service

I try not to follow trends but do notice them and something of each style usually appeals.

I aim to create a feeling that will best respond to my client.

Personally, I love natural finishes and quality hand-crafts and so encourage supporting local craftspeople,  finding little gems at flea markets or on the High street and making the most of what you already have by updating it is what makes a space unique and personal.

Ultimately though, the client has the final word!

Nothing you don't love will stay.



The feedback from clients is that I get them.  I listen to their brief and work within their budget.

I don't push a client into doing it my way but might try to gently persuade them!

A project evolves, it can be surprising how the finished project compares to the moodboard.

There can be differences, but what always remains is that "feeling" I mentioned earlier.

Even very visual and practical clients can get stumped once in a while and need fresh eyes to see how to make their space work efficiently.

By visiting you at your home I can get a real sense of how you live and how to get the most of your home visually while getting it to work better for your lifestyle.

Sometimes it's a one off consultation that's required, for example choosing a colour scheme.

If it is a bigger project  we will discuss the issues, have a clear idea of budget and listen to what you like and don't like.

When I get back to you with a proposal and you wish to proceed with the design, the initial consultation fee is deducted from the final cost.