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€150 inc VAT. (May be additional travel charges)

This would be a one off one hour site visit to select colours with you.



This would cover a home visit of approximately 1 and half  to two hours to get a clear picture of your space.


To ensure you get the most from this initial consultation, I will email you first with a few considerations to bear in mind for the visit. 

I would recommend colour scheme, furniture layout, flooring, lighting, soft furnishings, cabinetry etc.  


This is followed up with an email including a breakdown of what we discussed, with  ideas and images on basic mood board)  

We would discuss how you can take the design forward yourself or if you would want me to be more involved with it.



























Detailed design 

I would recommend colour scheme, furniture layout, flooring, lighting, soft furnishings, cabinetry etc. 

2 3D images to show you how the space would work. 

Mood boards with room by room layouts, basic cabinetry drawings, furniture suggestions, lighting plan, fabric selections.  (inc. where to source items that are available at time of sending).























€ € € to be decided when scope of project is established. 


On site consultation including meetings with architect and builders followed by continued communication throughout project. 

List of suggested tradespeople.

Detailed electronic mood boards inc layout schemes. 

Space planning 

Floor plan optimisation (room and furniture layouts)

Lighting plans and lighting selection  


Bathroom and kitchen design

Cabinet design 

Sofa design

Furniture selection

Window finishes

Soft furnishings and accessories, 

Selecting artwork and display, 








Even very visual and practical clients can get stumped once in a while and need the fresh eyes of an experienced designer to solve the issues.

Sometimes you just need someone to throw a fresh eye over your home and advise you on how to pull a scheme together.

Other times, you need an expert to take the design in hand to avoid expensive mistakes.

Every project is different, whether you are building a new home, extending or renovating your existing home, or simply want to spruce up a tired room.






















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