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Ballsbridge Mews

This was a presentable house, if a little unimaginative when my clients bought it.

They wanted more of a WOW to suit their personalities and love of colour.

Bringing colour to the entrance hall makes an immediate impact on arriving home. The stunning and durable carpet adds a real zesty feel to the space.

We changed the door from the hall into the living area to update the space and bring light in from the front door.

Two "Jeeves" lights add a warm glow and some fun to the entrance hallway. Recovering an old family heirloom chair in a black and white fabric smartens the space up and a glamorous console is a great place to put keys and post etc. We added panelling for interest and more storage for coats and shoes.


Warm, rich colours with a large natural wool area rug inspires evenings in. The divider and rose tinted lighting above it, secludes this zone from the kitchen area.



Adding a metallic wallpaper and brass lighting with cosy seating makes this a dining area that you want to stay in well after hours!

dog table_edited.jpg

My clients are dog people, and the addition of comfortable seating with a great "dog" table bring more of their own personalities to the space.


The room before was nice but unimaginative.

Adding a strong colour to the walls and having a bespoke headboard made really pulled the room in. We covered what was a bright red chair with a more muted, earthy tone that works really well with the pendant light and blinds. A large, cosy rug is lovely to step onto on a cold morning!



master bed 3_edited.jpg

The master bedroom was a little dull (see below),

The second bedroom needed a real punch of design to make more of it and it's great angles and potential for storage. We removed the old shallow storage unit as we added more in the eaves etc. Papering the wall with a strong green wallpaper and painting it black along with the wall makes it a smarter and more comfortable bedroom.

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