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The impetus behind the design for this room was "demand".

Rising rents and parking rates have become prohibitive, so what's to stop you changing that spare room  (that's probably only being used for guests three or four times a year) into an efficient and fabulous office.

The double bed is designed to be pulled from the platform housing the working office.

Form and function are equally important in this stylish space and it was crucial to me in the design process that the office will be a pleasure to work in and also function well as the guest bedroom.

This is a great way of saving space and can be tailor made for any situation.

The Concept Board

Colour psychology is fascinating and I apply it to all of my designs. 

Here, a dark teal is used on the office wall, this is a great colour for creativity, interaction and focus,


with the added bonus of having a calming effect for relaxing before bedtime.

Personality is so important to me when designing for each individual.

Who wants a design to be generic?

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