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Hush-a-bye nursery 

A space that is both calm and comforting for baby to sleep soundly, but also for the parents who spend a good deal
of time here feeding and changing etc.
I wanted to design a room that is gender neutral but can easily be more gender specific if wished.
The colour scheme has been chosen carefully using the psychology of colour.
White is often overlooked but is a lovely choice for a nursery,
it denotes purity and innocence while creating a fresh,clean atmosphere. 
A soft, warm grey is used on the wall behind the cot bringing a modern feel to the room.
This soothing palette can carry most accent colours and here I’ve chosen a
tranquil blue and green to add more cheer.

I designed the giraffe light fixture to have a

             BIG  IMPACT in a small space

Upcycling an ugly changing table by painting and stencilling,

adds colour and humour

Boru Wood Flooring made this amazing floor

exactly to my specifications

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