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Family Home

The brief for this project was to bring a house that had been converted into Health Care offices back to being a home for a young family.

It presented some challenges as all of the character had been stripped away.

I wanted to make it cosy, friendly and functional.
As always, colour, textures, lighting, plants and art pulled a friendly, homely scheme together.

The first impression on entering the hall was cold and unwelcoming.

By replacing the cheap laminate flooring with stunning herring bone oak laid in such a way that it draws the eye in, adding to the sense of welcome.

The off white colour on all the walls is contemporary and warm and with selected walls painted in complimentary colours adds interest and character.

The art has been carefully chosen for this young, sporty family.

                                                      The Family Room

Being the most used room in the house with double doors into the kitchen, the awkward shape of the room presented a layout problem that ultimately led to a design decision to zone the room into two areas that created a sunny "hobby corner" in what would have been a dead corner.

Moving the radiator to under the window freed up a good space for a desk and introducing bright colours with separate display cabinets for each of the children's precious collections, leaves, shells and medals, has encouraged them to use this space.


I designed cabinetry to easily house the toys, games and books and shelving for family


A bespoke sofa fits into the awkward space allowing a free flow from hall to kitchen.


photographs etc.

The lighting and colours make this a cheerful family room.


Family room before

The Sitting Room

A treat for these two busy parents is a space that is just for them.

I wanted them to have a cosy, ambient room to while away some well deserved time when the little ones are tucked in. 

Where velvets and natural finishes, lighting and the glow from the fire create a grown up place to enjoy.

Adding a chimney breast to create alcoves and atmosphere transforms an otherwise boring square room into a luxurious, warm one.

And so to bed......

Lots of storage for this stylish Mother was crucial but as the wardrobe was to face the bed,

I wanted to keep the height the same as the window, otherwise it would encroach on my clients as they lay down.

Keeping the palette to a soft grey, pale blue and white adds to the feeling of calm.

bed 2 (2).jpg
bed 2 (1).jpg
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